Open House

Synergy Biogas Open House - Press Release


For Immediate Release Date 9/29/2018

Contact: Diana Cihak


Synergy Biogas Welcomes the Public to Tour Facility
Tours of Anaerobic Digester and Presentations by RIT Students are featured

Covington, NY – Synergy Biogas opened its doors and welcomed the Wyoming County community to its anaerobic digestion plant on Saturday, September 29th. Tours of the facility were given by staff members and students from RIT were on hand to present the research work pertaining to anaerobic digestion.

“We were so pleased to welcome the community to Synergy,” explained Lauren Toretta, President of CH4 Biogas the parent company of Synergy Biogas. “We know that there has been some questions about our operations that convert manure and organic waste into renewable energy and we thought that by opening our doors we could share what we do and its role in helping the environment.”

The public was offered a chicken BBQ lunch and were also encouraged to spend time with the students asking them about the research they are doing at Synergy. “Developing technologies that create value- added products from organic waste is a major research thrust area for RIT, and we’ve been closely collaborating with Synergy Biogas since the early days of the plant’s operation,” said Tom Trabold, department head in RIT’s Golisano Institute for Sustainability. He was joined at the Synergy event by Jeff Lodge, associate professor in the Gosnell School of Life Sciences, and graduate student researchers from both the Sustainability and GSOLS programs.

“Renewable energy is the way we will power our homes in the future,” explained CH4 CEO Paul Toretta. “Anaerobic digestion offers the added bonus of keeping untreated organic material like manure off farm fields and out of landfills. It is a win-win for the farmers and the community by providing locally generated green energy and safe fertilizer and animal bedding for the farm community.”

Melissa Franklin, Technical Sales for CH4 Biogas went on to explain, “as a lifelong resident of the Western New York farming community I was excited to share this project with my neighbors and demonstrate the advantages of having a full-scale anaerobic digester here in Wyoming County. I’m really proud of the work we’re doing here.”

The Synergy plant takes in 400 tons/day of organic waste each day and converts that to the equivalent of ~1.4 MW of clean, renewable energy – enough to power approximately 1,000 homes, the equivalent of removing 4,000 cars of the road per year. The waste is pre-treated at the facility through a pasteurization process that kills pathogens before entering the digester. The by-product of the digestion process is a fertilizer and animal bedding that is safe for farmers to use.

CH4 Biogas is in the planning stages to construct a second digester in Batavia, NY with ground work anticipated for the Spring of 2019. The plant in Genesee County will be able to accept up to 400 tons a day of waste producing the equivalent of ~3MW of energy.

CH4 Biogas is an environmental company that builds, owns and operates biogas based renewable energy facilities on farms and at food processing plants. These facilities provide environmentally friendly renewable energy and sustainable waste management solutions using internationally proven, best-in- class anaerobic digestion technology. More information is available on the company’s