Bigadan A/S


Bigadan A/S has more than 25 years of international experience in biogas technology. Bigadan and its team of engineers and technicians have built more than 30 large biogas plants in 11 different countries.

Bigadan specializes in practical biogas application technology with main emphasis on large co-digestion biogas plants with a typical plant size/capacity of 200-600 t biomass/day.

Bigadan's products include:

  • large turnkey plants
  • engineering
  • process equipment
  • service and maintenance
  • operation of biogas plants - Bigadan owns and operates 3 biogas plants

At the biogas plant the typical input is liquid manure/animal slurry and organic industrial waste, typically from a group of suppliers. In the biogas plant the biomass is transformed into environmentally friendly fertilizer and CO2 neutral biogas. Afterwards the biogas is used in gas engines for production of electricity and district heating or upgraded to natural gas.

Increasing environmental requirements for the reduction of phosphorous, nitrogen and CO2 emissions from farming and industries are met with Bigadan's biogas plants.