Fangel Bio Energy

Fangel Bio Energy

Fangel Bio-energy was one of the first large biogas plants in Denmark.

The facility was built by Bigadan A/S as a turn-key project in 1988/89. Since 2001 the plant has been owned and operated by Bigadan. The plant receives animal slurry from local farmers and industrial waste from local food processing companies. In the biogas processing tanks the animal slurry and industrial waste is transformed into biogas and environmentally friendly bio fertilizer. The biogas is converted into electricity and district heat. In 2008/09, equipment for drying and pelletizing the recovered fiber fraction was installed. The fiber fraction is transformed into pelletized bio fertilizer.

Technical Specifications

The Fangel Plant utilizes a wide variety of biomass resources, primarily manure from pigs, cattle and mink and various industrial waste products. The process in the plant is a mesophilic process (app. 37°C) with pasteurization above 70°C. The plant has a total digester volume of 4,500m³, and the daily input is approximately 220m³ ± 10% biomass, resulting in an average process time of 19 days.

  • Animal slurry: 180 t/day
  • Industrial waste: 40 t/day
  • Biogas production: 10-12,000 m3/day
  • Electricity: 10-12 mill KWh/year (consumed in 2,000 one family houses)
  • District heating: 45,000 GJ/year (consumed in 600 one family houses)