Synergy Biogas Grand Opening

Synergy Biogas Grand Opening

Support for Synergy Biogas and CH4 Biogas


Kathy Hochul, congresswoman, 26th District / member of the House Dairy Caucus:

“The opening of this new on-farm, ‘co-digestion’ biogas power project is a great step towards making New York state a leader in our nation’s renewable energy production and sustainability efforts. Recycling manure and converting it into the electricity to power homes is exactly the type of innovation and ingenuity we need to continue to move our economy forward. Here in Western New York, we are proud to be leading the state in upgrading our energy infrastructure.”


Kenneth Daly, president, National Grid New York:

“One of the best ways to help the communities we serve is to collaborate with the companies that do business here and employ our friends and neighbors. National Grid and our partners on the Synergy project share a commitment and passion for innovative renewable energy technology, and we are thrilled to be a part of New York state’s largest on-farm, ‘co-digestion’ biogas power project that is a model of cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, and environmental stewardship.”

 Francis J. Murray Jr., president and CEO of NYSERDA:

“Biogas is an important—and growing—source of power in New York. Through this project, we are investing in the future of farming in the state, as well as helping to create clean-energy jobs in the region. This technology can help farms lower their energy costs, reduce their environmental impacts and lessen the demand on the state’s electric grid.”


 Roger George, regional sales leader for GE’s Gas Engines business in North America:

“With their new project, Synergy Dairy and CH4 Biogas have created an important model to demonstrate that digester biogas projects can be economically viable for dairy farm operations throughout New York state and the rest of the country.”


Darrel Aubertine, commissioner, New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets:

“From water and air quality improvements to converting a potent greenhouse gas into renewable energy, anaerobic digesters are a win-win-win. This project between Synergy Dairy, CH4 biogas, NYSERDA, National Grid and General Electric will ensure that New York’s dairy industry remains on the leading edge of environmental and economic sustainability.”


Patrick M. Gallivan, New York State Senator, 59th District

“Agriculture and its associated industries are the backbone of Upstate New York’s, and particularly Wyoming County’s, economy. The Synergy Dairy, CH4 Biogas biodigester project is an example of the vast potential for 21st century agri-business in Western New York. This project will create local jobs, and supply clean, renewable energy for Synergy, local industry and the surrounding community. Synergy, Senator Schumer, National Grid, and NYSERDA deserve credit for their combined efforts to ensure this exciting project was fully realized.  I look forwarding to visiting Synergy Dairy again soon to see the biodigester firsthand.”


Daniel J.Burling, New York State Assemblyman, 147th District

“I am proud and excited to have New York state’s largest biogas power project located in Wyoming County. It was my pleasure to assist in moving this project forward. Synergy Dairy, in Covington, is the model for the future of the dairy industry, representing an innovative and smart solution to energy creation. By incorporating biogas systems, this farm will achieve unprecedented efficiency and jumpstart a new and needed wave in green, renewable and profitable energy.”

 Bob Blythe, president of CH4 Biogas:

“Our new co-digester facility at Synergy Dairy will provide valuable, baseload renewable electricity to the grid and also will serve as a new environmentally beneficial and economically sound waste-management model for New York state’s dairy farms.”