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Co-digestion Model

CH4 Biogas plants produce renewable energy by anaerobically digesting livestock manure and food-grade organic wastes. It is based on a co-digestion concept that has been the operating modelfor over 25 years in Europe. 

CH4 Biogas

Paul Toretta, Bob Blythe and Bigadan A/S formed CH4 Biogas, LLC in 2008 in response to market demand for anaerobic digestion and alternative energy in the United States.

From this inital start, CH4 Biogas has grown into a leading biogas company in the United States.   It boasts a mature and experienced management team, successful construction of multiple projects, a pipeline of projects in development, and history of permitting and operating.  CH4 Biogas has been active pioneer in shaping, educating and building the US biogas market into where it is today.