Management: Partners

Karsten Buchhave, Chairman

Karsten is CEO and owner of Bigadan A/S Denmark. He has more than twenty years of practical experience in the planning and construction of all types of biogas plants in most parts of the world, including all aspects from project identification, feasibility studies, authority approval procedures, detailed planning, construction and operations. Bigadan A/S has a reference list of more than 35 facilities worldwide.

Paul Toretta, CEO

Paul is a Professional Engineer and successful entrepreneur with more than 35 years experience in water, wastewater and waste management. In 1988, he founded Residual Technologies (RESTEC) securing the rights to rebuild and operate an abandoned biosolids incinerator at the Woonsocket, RI wastewater treatment plant. By 2000, when the company was sold to Synagro Technologies, Inc. RESTEC employed 100 people, owned and operated incinerators at Waterbury, CT and New Haven, CT in addition to Woonsocket and managed the disposal of biosolids for most of the municipalities in New England.

Bob Blythe, COO

Bob has more than 30 years of diversified experience in environmental services and agriculture. He owned and operated an agricultural consulting business that provided field scouting services and developed crop production for grain and vegetable farmers in the Mid-Atlantic region. As V P of Synox Corporation, Bob aided in the development of the Synox Process for the Class A treatment of liquid biosolids (holding a US Patent for process improvements). From 1996 through 2001, he worked for Paul Toretta at RESTEC where he was in charge of project development and helped negotiate the Synagro transaction. Most recently Bob was a Principal with Nutrient Control Systems, Inc a supplier of manure management equipment and services to large livestock producers.

Lauren Toretta, President

Lauren has more than a decade of experience in strategy and sales for industrial and environmental companies and is currently a Director for the American Biogas Council.  She started her career in Sales for GE Commercial & Industrial, first as a member of their selective leadership development program and later as a Global Account Manager. Lauren also spent time as a Manager with McKinsey & Co. after completing an an internship at Goldman Sachs in their Energy Investment Banking Group.  While at McKinsey, she focused on strategy and operations projects across a variety of industries including the construction and environmental industries.  Lauren received an MBA from Harvard Business School where she completed a field study on clean coal technologies and a BA from Harvard College in Environmental Science and Public Policy.